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Entrepreneurial Development

The SEED Innovator Support Team helps NIH awardees build a business and explore their life science innovation's potential. Learn about the aspects of product development beyond the science of the awards. 

Regulatory & Business Development Consultations

Our business development, intellectual property, regulatory, and reimbursement experts meet with innovators focused on topics including:

  • Optimizing formulation or manufacturing operations
  • Establishing an advisory board 
  • Layering intellectual property protection
  • Preparing for regulatory interactions
  • Gathering evidence to support reimbursement value
  • Engaging with investors or strategic partners

Learn more in this video about innovator consultations.

See our Entrepreneurs in Residence FAQs for more information about these experts.


Gain insight on the path to commercialization from NIH experts and successful life science innovators through SEED’s webinars, workshops, and podcasts. 

Interested in hosting a SEED webinar or workshop? Contact us today!