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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we answer Frequently Asked Questions posed to NIDDK Program Staff. For additional or general SBIR/STTR FAQs, please see the NIH SBIR FAQs page. NIDDK Program Staff are always happy to answer additional questions. Find contact information on our Research page.


What SBIR/STTR research is the NIDDK "looking for"?

The Omnibus/Parent Funding Opportunity Announcements contain a link to a current Program Descriptions and Research Topics document. The research topics the NIDDK has included in this document may be a starting point for applicants but should not be considered comprehensive. The NIDDK has also published or subscribed to several funding opportunities that support its mission. However, it predominantly funds investigator-initiated research, and the NIDDK is interested in all meritorious projects that are innovative, novel, and support its mission. Click here for the current Omnibus/Parent Funding Opportunity Announcements as well as the Program Descriptions and Research Topics document.

NIH RePORTER will enable you to search for projects the NIDDK has funded in the past. Furthermore, our Research page highlights potential project topics.

Other useful references may be the NIDDK Mision & Vision, the NIDDK Research Programs & Contacts, and the NIDDK Meetings and Workshops pages of the NIDDK website.


How does the NIDDK decide which SBIRs or STTRs to fund?

The NIDDK does not set a payline for SBIR or STTR awards. Funding decisions are based on scientific and technical merit of the proposed project as determined by scientific peer review, availability of funds, and relevance of the proposed project to program priorities.


How do I know if the NIDDK will accept my application?

You will apply to the NIH, not individual Institutes. The Center for Scientific Research (CSR) accepts applications and makes assignments to all relevant ICs. With some exceptions, the peer-review of your application will be convened by CSR (where applications assigned to a variety of ICs may be reviewed together).


Am I permitted to submit a Phase II application if I have not yet received my Phase I award?

Yes, the NIDDK accepts Direct Phase II applications under several funding opportunity announcements. The Direct Phase II authority permits small businesses to receive a Phase II award even if they have not previously received a Phase I award for the research/research and development of their technology. Additional details can be found on the NIH SBIR FAQs page.


A different Institute funded Phases I and II of my SBIR, but that Institute doesn’t participate in the Phase IIB program. Will the NIDDK accept it?

No. The NIDDK only accepts Phase IIB applications for NIDDK-funded Phase I/II projects.