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Scope of Work Consultation

business consult

At some point, all innovators need to outsource some aspect of their product development and commercialization work.  Whether this outsourced work is standardized testing, manufacturing, product distribution, market analysis, legal issues, or regulatory filings -- the first step to acquiring a desired end product is the clear communication of your needs. 

SEED SOW Development Consults assemble a team of appropriate subject matter experts to help you clarify your needs, required and ideal deliverables, and consider what qualities and experience are important in a potential vendor.  After this consult, companies will have an overall understanding of how to identify potentially qualified vendors, a strong draft SOW document for their use in soliciting proposals from possible vendors, and a framework for evaluating the attributes of each proposal received.

This consult is highly recommended for SBIR/STTR Phase I awardees who plan to request TABA Funding in their Phase II application.

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