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SEED Innovator Support Team

The SEED Innovator Support Team is composed of Entrepreneurs in Residence and subject matter experts who share their experience and passion through targeted conversations (called consults) with NIH awardees. Anyone who has received funding (an award, prize, training grant, etc.) from NIH within the past two years is eligible to request a consult. 

How the Program Works

SEED consults may focus on an activity or a knowledge area, are typically one-hour long, single conversations, and are scheduled as needed – generally within two weeks of a request (pending innovator availability).  Each consult type has a request form with questions specific to the focus of the planned conversation. 

pitch review
Pitch Review
Heading to a meeting? Talking to an investor? Get feedback before your pitch!
business consult
Business Consult
Seeking insights about your company's next steps? Talk to an EIR!
sow consult
SOW Consult
Need to outsource expertise or research activities? Clarify your ask with an SOW consult.
Regulatory Consult
Not sure if you need to or when to talk with FDA? SEED’s SMEs can help.
Reimbursement Consult
Who is actually going to pay (and how much) for your product? Ask a reimbursement expert.