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2021 HHS Small Business Program Conference - Materials Available

Virtual Event
April 26-30, 2021

People in a Meeting


Resources from Conference Sessions

Session Title Speakers Video Slides Transcript
NIH Welcomes Diverse Perspectives
  • Matt McMahon Director, SEED, Office of Extramural Research, NIH
N/A Word (.docx)
Diversity and Bias: Perceptions and Reality
  • Ericka Boone, Director of Division of Loan Repayment and Acting Director of Division of Biomedical Research Workforce, NIH
  • Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead, NIH
  • Charlene E. Le Fauve, Senior Advisor to the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity, NIH
  • Eric W. Padmore, Senior Policy Advisor, NIH (Moderator)


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America’s Seed Fund is Open for Business
  • Rob Vinson, Small Business Program Manager, NIH (Moderator)
  • Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead, NIH
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Secrets to a Successful Submission
  • Eva Garland, CEO, Eva Garland Consulting
  • Patti Weber, Program Director of NCI  SBIR Development Center, NIH (Moderator)
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Strengthening Your Small Business with Academic Partnerships
  • Kelly Drew, Chief Executive Officer, Be Cool Pharmaceutics
  • Johnathan M. Holifield, Senior Vice President of New Economies, Bitwise Industrie
  • Monique Kuykendoll Quarterman, Executive Director of Kentucky Commercialization Ventures
  • Ashim Subedee, Academic Innovation Team Lead, NIH (Moderator)
Slides Word (.docx)
Demyth-defying Review: Submission to Score
  • Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead,  NIH (Moderator)
  • Elia Kwee Ortenberg, Scientific Review Officer, NIH
  • David E. Pollio, Scientific Review Officer, NIH
  • Vonda Smith, Assistant Director, of CSR Division of Receipt and Referral, NIH
Slides Word (.docx)
Compete Like a Pro: Path to a Fundable Phase I
  • Miguel A. Contreras, Health Scientist Administrator, NIH
  • Monique Pond, NCI Program Director, NIH (Moderator)
  •  Lili M. Portilla, Director of NCATS Office of Strategic Alliances, NIH
Slides Word (.docx)
Go for the Gold: Path to a Fundable Fast-Track or Direct to Phase II
  • Christie A. Canaria, Program Director of NCI SBIR Development Center, NIH
  • Luis T. Gutierrez, Jr., NHLBI Entrepreneur in Residence, NIH
  • Todd Haim, Chief of NIA Office of Small Business Research, NIH (Moderator)
Slides Word (.docx)
Persistence is Key: Resources for Resubmission
  • Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead, NIH
  • Eric W. Padmore, Senior Policy Advisor, NIH (Moderator)
  • Nishadi Rajapakse, NIMHD Program Director, NIH
  • Allen B. Richon, Scientific Review Office, NIH
Slides Word (.docx)
Communication is Key: Managing Your Award
  • Marishka K. Brown, Director of National Center on Sleep Disorder Research, NIH
  • Mike Oberlin, Special Agent, Office of the Inspector General
  • Artisha Wright, Other Transaction Authority Lead Agreement Specialist, NIH
  • Robert Vinson Small Business Program Manager, NIH
Not Recorded Slides N/A
Beyond Research: Building a Business
  • Chris Sasiela, RAC Innovator Support Team Lead & Senior Regulatory Specialist, NIH (Moderator)
  • Kwame Ulmer, Entrepreneur in Residence, NIH
  • Robert Vinson, Small Business Program Manager, NIH
  • Michael Weingarten, Director, National Cancer Institute SBIR Development Center, NIH
Slides Word (.docx)
Partnering for Success
  • Stephen F. Flaim, NHLBI Senior Special Advisor & Investor in Residence, NIH (Moderator)
  • Teddy Johnson, Director of Technology Development, Institute of Translational Health Sciences/WE-REACH
  • Lebone Moses, CEO, Chisara Ventures Inc.
  • Eli Velasquez, Managing Partner, Investors of Color Network
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The Conference Covered

Application Process

Gain tips on developing a successful, competitive application.


Explore small business program basics that will help you succeed.

Conversations with Experts

Schedule a 15-minute chat with small business program staff.


Discover the resources to help your business thrive.

Time: 1:30PM EDT - 6:00PM EDT