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Demystifying Angel Investing: An Introduction to the World of Early-Stage Webinar

April 07, 2022

Angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest their own money into seed-stage startup companies, providing much-needed capital to bring new companies to market. 

Join this dynamic panel discussion with leading experts to explore the basics of angel investing, including three reasons to consider angel investing as part of your well-balanced portfolio:

  • Make a difference: Angels leverage their expertise to help new businesses grow and succeed, changing the economic future of an entire region by investing in small startup companies that eventually employ dozens or hundreds of people. Angels often join the boards of their portfolio companies, using their experience and knowledge to directly impact the future of the company, and in turn, make their own investment more successful.
  • Make money: While angel investing can be risky, when angels get a home run, it can provide 10X or more returns. Plus, many early-stage investments qualify for favorable tax treatment.
  • Have fun: Working with energetic entrepreneurs and getting a front-row seat for mold-breaking innovations keeps your mind agile and engaged. Nothing is more exciting than the spark of a promising new idea.

Walk away with a solid understanding of angel investing after this exciting, game-changing investment class.

Time: 12:00PM EDT - 1:00PM EDT