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SEED Leadership

Matt McMahon's Headshot

Matt McMahon leads the SEED Office in helping to transform cutting-edge technologies into products that improve health and save lives. He previously served as the first director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination, and he created and led the National Eye Institute’s Office of Translational Research. His previous experience also includes service as the principal scientist for the bionic eye company Second Sight Medical Products and as a staff member on both the United States Senate and House of Representatives committees responsible for science, technology, and innovation policy.

Stephanie Fertig Headshot
HHS Small Business Program Lead

Over 15 years at NIH, Stephanie Fertig has led the development and implementation of multiple programs focused on small businesses and translational research.  She currently oversees the Health and Human Services (HHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, which includes the NIH SBIR & STTR programs.

Chris Sasiela's Headshot
Innovator Support Team Lead & Senior Regulatory Specialist

Chris Sasiela has over a decade of experience providing support and consultation to academic innovators and small businesses engaged in therapeutic, device, and diagnostic development programs. She coordinates the activities of a team of seasoned professionals with experience in product and business strategy, business development, fundraising, partnerships, reimbursement, and regulatory affairs.

SEED Staff

Academic Innovation Team

  • Steve Wolpe* – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Arthur Bray-Simons* –  Academic Innovation Support Staff

HHS Small Business Team

  • Stephanie Fertig – HHS Small Business Team Lead
  • Camarin King* –  Project Manager

Innovator Support Team

  • Chris Sasiela – Innovator Support Team Lead & Senior Regulatory Specialist
  • Ben Berman* – Medical Device Regulatory Specialist
  • Ethel Rubin* – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Franziska Moeckel* – Regulatory & Reimbursement Specialist 
  • Janelle Rowell* – Project Manager 
  • John Sullivan* – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Kuldeep Neote* – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Loleta Robinson* – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Shyam Rele* – CMC & Regulatory Specialist 
  • Todd Rubinstein* – Project Manager 

SEED Operations & Communications

  • Kate Fritz – Operations Manager
  • Pablo Gersten – Senior Project Manager
  • Vicki VanArsdale* – Communications Specialist 
  • Theresa Whelan* – Project Coordinator

* Contract Staff