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SEEDing Biomedical Innovation: Supporting Entrepreneurs at NIH: An After-Hours Conversation at the NIH Grants Conference

February 01, 2023

Are you interested in learning how NIH seeds biomedical innovation and supports entrepreneurs? If so, register for the free NIH Grants Conference and tune in for this after-hours session with SEED leadership and senior staff. 

Attendees will learn how NIH SEED provides funding, entrepreneurial education, and product development support to advance biomedical innovation and get products into the hands of those who need them most. This session will highlight NIH’s strategic focus on early-stage product development and the resources and opportunities available to academic and small business innovators.

Upon completion of this session, participants will understand how SEED can help academic innovators transform scientific ideas into product development projects by/through:

  • small businesses funding 
  • entrepreneurial education
  • product development support


  • Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead
  • Chris Sasiela, Innovator Support Team Lead and Senior Regulatory Specialist
  • Eric Padmore, Senior Advisor, Entrepreneurial Development

Moderator: Matt McMahon, SEED Director

There will also be limited spots available to meet with members of SEED leadership and senior staff. Register for the conference to be notified when scheduling opens.

Time: 5:00PM EST - 5:45PM EST