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ViVE Conference - A curated event experience for senior digital health leaders focusing on the business of healthcare systems

Nashville, TN
March 26-29, 2023

Building upon the successful launch in 2022, ViVE is poised to deliver another unforgettable event experience around healthcare IT innovation and business transformation. 

Taking place over the course of 4 days in Nashville, ViVE will convene senior and executive leaders in the digital healthcare space and provide an enjoyable engagement environment to drive growth opportunities through curated connections, personalized attendee journeys, and progressive programming.

The following NIH-funded companies are saving lives, connecting caregivers, patients, and providers, and improving communication, nutrition, and imaging. They also have solutions as deep as brain scans and as high as cloud platforms.

Check them out in the NIH Booth (749)


Reimagining how people access and experience care to improve health within Virtual Reality therapeutics  
BioSensics Wearable sensors and digital platforms for clinical trials, patient monitoring, and health assessment  
CareVirtue An easy-to-use care app that helps families communicate and share important care information from one centralized account  
Carevive Technologies that improve the treatment experience of patients with cancer and survival outcomes while lowering costs  
Care Daily A brandable AI + IoT platform that provides hero solution providers with their own app store of AI assistants to care daily for people, places, and things  
ClarityTek World-class Virtual Reality cognitive therapies  
Elimu Informatics Solutions for health systems, payors, partners, and patients  
Floreo The first behavioral therapy metaverse  
IBIS Medical image data management in the cloud  
Melax Tech Biomedical Natural Language Processing technology  
OVID BP Systems Technology to measure and monitor blood pressure using only the native camera found in a smartphone, tablet, or PC  
Relay Response A transformative resuscitation platform enabling highly effective training, response, and reporting  
SpellBound AR Revolutionizing pediatric patient mobility with the power of augmented reality  
Turing Medical Software that derives accurate real-time motion metrics from brain MRI data  
Yumlish Nutritional therapy with a registered dietician leads to positive health outcomes for diabetes  
ZBeats Tech startup focusing on AI/ML models for wearable medical devices  


Time: 8:00AM EDT - 5:00PM EDT