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The Maternal Health Crisis: How the Medtech Industry Can Help MedTech Color Webinar

May 25, 2023

According to the CDC, maternal mortality rates have steadily increased since 2018. Of these preventable deaths, Black women are impacted 3-4x more than White women. This is especially alarming because more than 80% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Additionally, even though women account for about 80% of the healthcare industry’s consumer purchasing, women’s health is considered only a small subsection of healthcare.

This sets the stage for this webinar focused on diverse female founders in the maternal health space. This virtual panel discussion will address three core objectives:

  • Showcase diverse female founders and their journeys into medtech as a woman of color
  • Highlight ways current technologies are being used in the maternal health space and gaps that need to be addressed and/or are addressed by the founders
  • Give founders a platform to discuss how their lived experiences as a woman and a woman of color showcases the importance of diversity in clinical research/medtech

All are welcome and encouraged to attend this webinar and learn more about this important topic.

Time: 1:00PM EDT - 2:00PM EDT