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Network Funded Technologies

The Network has supported more than 350 proof of concept projects. Explore the different funded projects.

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The NIH has created a nationwide network to support academic innovators at early stage of product development to convert academic discoveries into healthcare solutions. This innovative model of public-private partnerships leverages the resources and ecosystems from the federal government, academia, and the private-sector to change the way innovative discoveries with scientific and commercial potential are identified and developed. The NIH provides funding and resources to centers and hubs that then provide entrepreneurial training, expert feedback, funding to support early-stage product definition studies, and project management support for funded projects.

NIH Proof of Concept Network

Hover over states to see what hubs are available in the state. You can also click on each program to see the states and institutes covered and learn more about the program.

How the Program Works:

The infographic provides an overview of the program. You can click on each box to learn more about each aspect of the program.

Technical and Business Validation Proof of Concept Hub Funding Project Management Education and Training Expert Feedback Re-Strategize and Enhance Discovery Promising Healthcare Solutions Scientific Discoveries Scientific Discoveries Any innovator from a hub-affiliated institution is eligible to request support. The hubs support the development of drugs, medical devices, digital health products, and research tools that address unmet healthcare needs. All hubs use a “Common Application” that addresses both scientific and commercialization aspects of their proposed development project. Expert Feedback Hubs leverage local industry experts and federal partners to select projects to fund using standard review criteria that evaluate both technical and business aspects of the project. Every innovator receives personalized feedback from these experts, even if their project are not selected for funding. Funding Selected projects receive up to $200K in funding to perform key studies to demonstrate feasibility of converting scientific discoveries into healthcare solutions. These studies enable technical and business validation to justify further development. Funding is milestone-based and is provided in tranches. NIH provides up to $100K of the funding with hubs providing matching funds from non-federal sources, including private-sector partners. Promising Healthcare Solutions Projects supported by the hubs have received strong technical and business validation and are well positioned to obtain follow-on funding from other federal sources and/or private sector sources to continue development towards a commercial product. Alternately, the technologies could from the university by private sector partners for further development. Learn more about the commercialization outcomes of the projects from the Proof of Concept Network. Project Management An industry-experienced project manager is assigned to every funded project. Funding for each project is tied to milestones that advance the discovery towards a product, facilitating an innovative succeed (or fail) fast model that is nimbler than traditional grant funding models. Education and Training Any innovator from a hub-affiliated institution can access entrepreneurship training and commercialization education on how to convert scientific discoveries into healthcare solutions and bring them to the market through bootcamps and hands-on educational activities like I-Corps program. Innovators have access to resources for marketing, business strategy, regulatory planning, and identifying strategic partners and investors. Re-Strategize and Enhance Discovery Projects that do not receive funding receive valuable commercialization feedback that helps investigators develop future projects.

Other NIH Proof of Concept and Entrepreneurship Development Programs:

NIH Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network (POCTRN) - Network of Centers supported by NIH to drive the development of point-of-care diagnostic technologies through collaborative efforts that merge scientific and technological capabilities with clinical need.

NIH STTR Regional Technology Transfer Accelerator Programs for IDeA States – Program supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) with STTR awards to small businesses to develop educational tools and resources to foster entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the Institutional Development Award (IDeA) states.